MYALEPT is a once-daily subcutaneous injection

MYALEPT should be administered once daily at the same time every day, without regard to the timing of meals

If a dose is missed, patients should be instructed to administer the dose as soon as noticed, and resume the normal dosing schedule the next day. 

Achieving clinical response
MYALEPT dose may be decreased or increased to the maximum dose listed in the table above based on clinical response (eg, inadequate metabolic control) or other considerations (eg, tolerability issues, excessive weight loss [especially in pediatric patients]). 

MYALEPT dosage adjustments and discontinuation

In patients taking insulin

  • Dosage adjustments, including possible large reductions, of insulin or insulin secretagogue may be necessary in some patients to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • When treating patients concomitantly with MYALEPT and insulin therapy, close monitoring of blood glucose levels is recommended.

In patients at risk for pancreatitis

  • Tapering of the dose over a 1-week period is recommended.
  • During tapering, monitor triglyceride levels and consider initiating or adjusting the dose of lipid-lowering medications as needed.
  • Signs and/or symptoms consistent with pancreatitis should prompt an appropriate clinical evaluation.
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